[NTLK] Mac Fitering And Encryption

ssgconway at juno.com ssgconway at juno.com
Wed Jun 15 12:37:55 EDT 2011

  My two cents:  Activating 'WAN Ping Blocking' helps WEP with Mac Address Filtering.  On my Belkin setup page, it's a check-the-box step.  I believe that the intent is to keep outsiders from 'pinging' to search for your network.     My WEP experience has been, as far as I know, good, security-wise.  Visitors who ask to get on-line have to be added to the MAC Address list or they cannot get on.    Final suggestions: 1.)  Use the loowest power setting that you can, and position the router toward the center of your dwelling, so as to decrease the outside signal footprint, and 2.)  If you aren't going to an 'https' site, a landline (dial-up or DSL) is an alternative.  Plug in as needed and surf wirelessly otherwise.Regards,-Lloyd A. Conway Charlotte, Michigan

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