[NTLK] FS: Newton 2000

Lloyd Conway doc_retro at juno.com
Sat Jun 25 16:43:42 EDT 2011

Hello, All:
     I have a Newton 2000, in working order, average wear (screen has
two very small marks on it, two small chips on case that do not affect
operability, normal wear&  tear otherwise), with stylus, battery tray
(batteries not included), 2 and 16 MB CF cards, the latter with drivers
and software updates on it, a wifi card and a zippered leather case.
This Newt is set up for wireless and I have used it in that mode
    It is for sale because the serial port stopped being reliable
(adapter not included) and the usb card I installed works, but not with
my computers.  (It has been returned and manufacturer tested and is an
operational usb card, however.)  Without a reliable way to connect it,
I've ended up using it less often.
    I'm offering it to the List for $150.00, shipped. Please let me know
offline if you're interested.  (I can also take and send pictures to
interested parties, if desired.)  Thank you.
-Lloyd A. Conway
  Charlotte, Michigan

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