[NTLK] data on and off

Just Vecht justvecht at tiscali.nl
Wed May 11 17:26:04 EDT 2011

I got a Newton Messagepad 2100 through a friend, who liked to see in in 
good hands. I love the thing. Now I need to learn how it works. I like 
it to be able to get my e-mail when at a WiFi hotspot and hopefully I 
can use Twitter as well. Perhaps use it as an ebook reader too?

First hurdle is: how do I get data on and off? It has a 12 MB Pretec 
linear flash card. I have an an older laptop running Windows XP with a 
wide PCMCIA slot. However XP does not recognize the card. I did not find 
any software or driver yet.


Just Vecht

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