[NTLK] Wifi On the Go

Tony Morrow gizmo1482 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 23:03:20 EST 2012

Check one. Check two. Anybody out there? Is this thing on?

Though I would pass along a recent discovery. The developers of the Android app, Wifi Tether for Root Users, has released a beta version on their website that includes two really cool features. 1: It works with Ice Cream Sandwich on my LTE Galaxy Nexus. 2: Allows my phone to create a true wifi hotspot rather than the ad-hoc network the previous app version did.

So if you have a rooted Android phone and wifi capable Newton, then you can keep your green friend connected to the Internet anywhere you go. If nothing else, you still have a cool novelty to show off to friends.

-Tony Morrow

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