[NTLK] Box of eight Newtons (100, 110, 120 and 130) for sale

Anthony Meadow tonymeadow at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 21:46:09 EST 2012

I've recently donated a bunch of Newtons and related stuff to the 
Computer History Museum. They already had some items so they sent them 
back and they could be yours!

I have no idea what they're worth. If you're interested please contact 
me at tonymeadow at gmail.com and let me know what they're worth to you. 
The total weight for all this is 20 pounds and they're in Oakland, CA.

Newtons! I've got eight Newtons for sale. A surprising number of them 
worked as soon as I put new batteries in them. The others might work 
with some TLC. Some are missing styli, but there's several extra 
MessagePad 100 styluses. There's also 3x Newton battery pack rechargers 

MessagePad 100 (qty 1 - works!)
MessagePad 110 (qty 2 - both work)
MessagePad 120 (qty 1, doesn't work)
MessagePad 130 (qty 4, 2 work, 2 don't)

Also included:

Newton Programmers Guide: System Software, vol 1 (1995)
Newton Toolkit Users Guide (11/1995)
Newton Programmers Guide (for Newton 2.0, 1996)
Newton User Interface Guidelines (5/1996)
Programming for the Newton, Julie McKeehan & Neil Rhodes (1st ed, 1994)
Programming for the Newton, Julie McKeehan & Neil Rhodes (2nd ed, 1996)

Newton Connection Kit v2 (in original box)

MessagePad 2100 Software
Newton Developer CD #7, June 1995
Newton Developer CD #8?, Dec 1995
Newton Developer CD #9, March 1996
Newton Developer CD #10, June 1996
AMUG CD: Totally for Newton (1995)

Tony  - tonymeadow at gmail.com

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