[NTLK] NCX in OSX/Roman

romantic at ideal-access.com romantic at ideal-access.com
Fri Feb 10 23:57:15 EST 2012

Dear Newton talkers,
Thank you for your warm welcome and excellent links. I have spent  
many hours exploring and reading. It's time to mention that when I  
left I was using Classic (OS 9.6). Now I'm using a G4 running Tiger  

I was wondering if anyone was using NCX in OSX. I've tried many times  
to download the .DMG file from Simon's site but the download is  
either corrupt or terminates before completion...or aborts. Some  
downloads of NCX appear as complete .DMG files but Disk Utility can't  
open them. I have NCU, but prefer not to go into the Classic System.  
(Maybe NCX requires OSX 10.5 ?)

I have a wireless USB AP adapter which works on open networks for the  
G4. I don't have an Airport card in the G4 slot. I also have an old  
AirPort Snow base station (with modem and ethernet) which I haven't  
connected to the G4 yet. The Newt has a wireless card, modems and  
ethernet cards.

My preference to back up the Newt is to go wireless if possible.
I live in a tiny village in south eastern Ontario and use dial-up as
an internet connection. Any insight and advice would be very
much appreciated.


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