[NTLK] NCX in OSX/Roman

romantic at ideal-access.com romantic at ideal-access.com
Tue Feb 14 15:08:54 EST 2012

Version 1.2 of NCX doesn't appear on the menu. Version 1.3 I believe  
in Tiger. I do get a download that is 6.8 MB (viewing Get Info). I  
believe it's the
wrapper that has archived the files that is the culprit. I've run  
into this problem before.

Dear arceeHS. Yes I can handle a file that small. It may take a half  
an hour but I don't get
many phone calls at all. So please try to send it. Disk Utility  
10.4.4 does not recognize
Simon's image file. I do not need the app that only works in Leopard.  
Just the ones
that will work in Tiger OSX 4,x.x. Thank you. An older Stuffit  
wrapper, or Disk Utility
10.4.4 or older will also work, I think. Or no wrappers at all.

Hello Grant,
Thanks for chiming in.
It has been my experience that sometimes, backward compatibility is  
sacrificed for
progress. Although I can upgrade to 10.5, 99% of my online experience  
is in Classic. I still have
data which I wish to access. My next step will be a new machine and  
Lion I suppose.
In the meantime, I love to lag behind.

My 2100 developed a fatal screen problem. Once I familiarize myself  
again with the
Newt, I want to salvage the info on the 2100, transfer the extra ram  
to the 2000 and
bring the dongle killer with it. I do not think that I will replace  
the screen on the 2100.
These are my thoughts, put out to the community, to challenge and  

P.S. Since I last wrote, my ISP (service provider) has been bouncing  
my mail, both
ways. I think I have it fixed now.

Warm regards,

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