[NTLK] Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 + Einstein = Match Made in Heaven?

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Mon Feb 27 16:17:06 EST 2012

Well, I use the Samsung Note every day. It just fits into my pocket, but I take it out when I need to sit for a longer time (driving...). And certainly I have Einstein installed on it. 

Although Einstein is running still too slow, the system is quite usable, thanks to the pen that is hiding out inside the Note. The screen is just big enough to write on it and have the writing recognized by the HWR. There are of course still tons off issues, first of all speed, but also missing synchronization with the internal address book and other apps, and of course the outside world. Internet access is possible though, so we might be getting somewhere.

I decided to buy this phone primarily to have a new MessagePad, but now that I use it every day, I have much more trouble getting used to Android (moving from iOS), than getting use to the size. Sure, people stare when I lift the little tablet to my ear, but hey, that's a nice conversation starter. And the phone is good enough for me as a tablet replacement. It's big enough to read EMail or watch videos, play cards, etc. .

So, for me, the Samsung Note is a perfect combination of tablet and phone. I saved myself buying a second device.

 - Matthias

PS: I sold my iOS devices because I was fed up by Apple's attitude towards developers. Einstein will never see the light of day on these devices thanks to some silly Apple Store policies. Google is not much better, but at least I can run my own software on the devices. 

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