[NTLK] [OT] Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 + Einstein = Match Made in Heaven?

Ed Kummel tech_ed at yahoo.com
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I worked at Radio Shack (several of them actually) back in the early 80s and I remember a guy came into the store with one of those silver aluminum briefcases. Suddenly a light on the case started to flash and he opened it up. Inside was a "transportable phone" which was nothing more than a car phone hooked up to a motorcycle battery. Next to it in the case was a Radio Shack Model 100 portable computer hooked up to an acoustic coupler modem. He took the phone handset, hit send (that's what it was called back then) and fitted the handset to custom foam add-ons on the acoustic coupler. The model 100 performed the handshake at an astonishing 110 baud and proceeded to show stock prices on the screen. When it was done, he typed something on the keyboard and made a stock purchase and put everything away...everybody in the store was amazed and stunned by the leap in technology we had just witnessed that day...stunned!
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On 2/28/12 9:48 PM, Forrest Buffenmyer wrote:
> I had one of those Motorola DynaTAC phones...it replaced my "bag" phone (remember those?).
> Yes, in those days cellphones calls were only for emergencies, and places where there weren't pay phones. ;)
I remember in "That 80's Show" they made fun on the bag phone.  Or was 
it one of the portable but yet brick phones?   Anyway, the guy is 
talking to someone else in bar over the phone and saying "Yeh I'm 
talking from my portable phone.  Only $1.50 a minute, but this is 
cool!!"   I think the show was supposed to take place in 1980 or 1981.  :)

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