[NTLK] DataRovers for newtontalk members, just a few left

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 29 01:33:40 EST 2012


>If you think you can locate a source of new main batteries (takes a pack like 
>Sony used to use in >camcorders, so you can find them on eBay) I have several 
>DataRovers that just have the power cords 
>and backup batteries and I'm asking just $17. 

Dan asked a question concerning the Datarover a while back, the answer to which 
will affect my interest in possibly picking one of these up.  I'm pestering you 
about this on-list because more than one NewtonTalker might be interested in the 
answer and there are few things more boring than fielding the same question 
repeatedly (reading a post from me being one of the exceptions, of course).

>Oh one other question, did it have a custom battery?  Or could it run on AA's?

I suspect the Datarover lacks the capability to do the latter, but seeing as how 
I know even less about the Datarover than I do about the Newton (if such a thing 
is possible), I'd be grateful if you could set me straight.


James Fraser

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