[NTLK] Weak sound on the MessagePad 100?

ZhengHui97 97 zhenghui97 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 29 08:53:55 EST 2012

Hi! Nope, I have not tried a brainwipe; I don't wanna lose all my data, but I can confirm it's a hardware issue - the speaker 'clips' while attempting to play alert sounds in a silent room. I don't have the Newton Connection Kit and am kinda broke due to this MP100 so I guess it can hold off for awhile. Still, thanks though for the suggestion! Oh, one thing to note - Sorry for the late reply guys! I was really busy - student in the middle of exams - and as the days passed I only got busier. So I hope you guys accept my apology and understand.. Thanks in advance. Anyway, just an update, I just emailed the seller informing him of everything and I am now awaiting his reply. I will post what I sent to him if anyone requests for it. Keep calm and stay green, guys! (is that correct?) :P
> Have you tried a brainwipe. To set it back to factory settings?   
> Procedure should be to press reset button and hold down power key till  
> dialog window opens asking if you want to erase all data If you agree  
> it will confirm then proceed.
> If this doesn't fix it then it is as you suspected a hardware issue.

-ZhengHui Lim.
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