[NTLK] Einstein on an iPod Touch 1G?

ZhengHui97 97 zhenghui97 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 29 09:03:18 EST 2012

Hi guys! I'm just wondering - will Einstein run on an iOS 3.1.3 device? I have this iPod touch 1G that I recently acquired for cheap from the Singapore Red Cross - just killed two birds with one stone by having a confiscatable device because my school bans phones, and because I donated to those in need of disaster relief. :P  It would be an AWESOME deal if I could run the Newton OS on it, though! I've just installed whited00r on it; it's basically a heavily modified iOS 3.1.3 with LOADS of iOS 5 features like multitasking, iCloud-like backup using Dropbox, Newsstand, folders, etc. It comes jailbroken with Cydia, so it makes it easier I guess? ><  I would appreciate it if somebody would point me in the right direction with instructions here or a link please.. Thanks! :D
-Zhenghui Lim. 		 	   		  

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