[NTLK] [OT] Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 + Einstein = Match Made in Heaven?

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 29 12:53:43 EST 2012


>The model 100 performed the handshake at an astonishing 110 baud and proceeded 
>to show stock prices >on the screen. When it was done, he typed something on the 
>keyboard and made a stock purchase and >put everything away...everybody in the 
>store was amazed and stunned by the leap in technology we had >just witnessed 
>that day...stunned!

I recall being amazed and stunned in a reverse sense when I watched "Sabrina" 
(w/Audrey Hepburn).  Up until then, I had always thought of car phones as being 
a relatively recent innovation (i.e. I was vaguely aware of them existing in the 
1970's, although they didn't really start hitting their stride until the late 
80's/early 90's).

Imagine my surprise watching Humphrey Bogart on the Silver Screen 
ever-so-casually place a phone call from the back of his limousine....in 1954.  


James Fraser

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