[NTLK] Battery Power problem

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Sun Jan 1 11:20:40 EST 2012

> Dropped my 2000u a little while ago, and it went from running fine to  
> having a bit of a power problem. Namely, it loses power, either when  
> it's running or when it's shut down. Momentary thing, not quite sure  
> what triggers it. Not a problem with the power supply hooked up.

Clean all four contacts of the battery thoroughly. If this doesn't fix
things, have a look here:


There you'll find a picture of the negative contact and the spring and case
part that are holding it in place. The case part of this mechanism is kind
of fragile, so that's where the problem might be.

Another thing that happens frequently is that the positive contact looses a
bit of its springiness and is eventually bent back towards the mainboard. If
this happens, you'll often encounter what you describe. You should be able
to bend it back without taking the Newton apart. While you are at it, it
wouldn't hurt to try to clean both battery contacts inside the Newton, too.
If you look into the Newton's battery slot with the battery slot pointing
towards the right, the positive contact is way down at the left side of the
battery slot.

All this, of course, will be much easier if you remove the bottom case half
and the bottom part of the battery case. The page mentioned above will tell
you how to do this.

Good luck


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