[NTLK] FS: Huge Newton hw sw and literature stash

Peter Fraser pjfraser at mac.com
Mon Jan 2 20:39:50 EST 2012

It's time to let someone else have fun with this stuff, accumulated since the late 90s. I really want this to be easy, so I want the whole lot to go to one person, picking it up in person in the San Francisco bay area if possible.

Here's a partial list:

MP 2000u
eMate with memory upgrade
OMP with case
MP110 clear shell, with case
MP120 with dock and case
Two newton keyboards, one with case
Newton leather briefcase, new
Newton 2100 fabric case (with keyboard compartment
Print pack
Fax modem
Newton battery packs, 2x in original boxes
2x newton Ethernet cards
Several memory cards
Cables for everything
At least 1 dongle
A ton of software
A big box of books and literature and manuals
A QuickTake 150 camera with extra lense
Power supplies for all the above

I may break out the clear case newton 110, and the upgraded eMate, if the offers are good. 

Email me for photos and further details as needed.

Happy newt year!

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-- Peter
pjfraser at mac.com

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