[NTLK] Apple Newton Cadillac

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 4 04:15:08 EST 2012


>One reason is because the cord is usually too short. 

Also, the cord/tether becomes twisted very easily.  I know that there are 
anti-twist cords available for phones; why POS manufacturers don't seem to 
incorporate that technology into their styli tethers is, at present, a mystery 
to me.  Maybe there are some newer POS terminals that do incorporate it and I 
just haven't seen them yet. 

>Another pet peeve is that those stylii DON'T have a pointed tip; my signatures 
>with them don't
>match my legal signature at all.

Robert Stewart's post was instructive because it helped make me aware of 
something I had never before considered: that when some people write, they 
-really- bear down hard and write with their whole hand rather than just with 
their fingers.  That probably helps to explain why those styli have such a 
"Playskool"-style tip.

The styli typically found on a typical POS terminal (in the US, at least) appear 
to be the stylus equivalent of those perfectly awful blunt-tip "safety scissors" 
kids use in preschool: adequate, (barely) but frustrating to use if you're 
familiar with a better tool for the job. :)


James Fraser

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