[NTLK] SOPA Legislation

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You have to remember though, imprisoning US citizens as militant combatants goes back to President Lincoln who was the first president to ignore the rights of the presumed innocent until found guilty. It's the whole reason behind why he was shot!
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Doesn't matter what Congress does as Our Dear And Glorious Leader has
started ruling by fiat because "we can't wait". An example is his spate of
"recess" appointments when Congress is NOT in recess. So the passage of
SOPA and PIPA is moot. Our Dear And Glorious Leader will implement the
policies only if they give him more power.

Dennis B. Swaney
California People's Republic

On Tue, Jan 17, 2012 at 14:16, Lloyd Conway <doc_retro at juno.com> wrote:

>   I'd like to think that you're right, Jon, but he threatened to veto the
> 2011 NDAA, the new law that gives him the power to arrest and imprison
> Americans within our borders on his own authority w/o any check or balance,
> if he deems them to be 'threats' and he's declared the USA to be a
> 'battlefield' in the war on terror, so i do not hold out hope that he'll
> refuse to sign such a bill.  It may not empower him directly, but it
> empowers those with power.
> Regards,
> -Lloyd Conway
>  Charlotte, Michigan
> "Except apparently, today, Obama threatened to veto it, and Congress
> has supposedly dropped the bill. We'll see how this goes in the
> future, but I'd like to think that many congressmen are currently
> breathing a sigh of relief--this thing kind of grew a life of its own,
> and nobody seemed willing to try to seriously stop it. (my theory for
> why, once word came from the WH threatening the veto, that Congress
> was so quick to drop that potato)
> --
> ?-Jon Glass
> Krakow, Poland
> <jonglass at usa.net>"
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