[NTLK] The iPad2 has feet of clay…uh yeah

James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 19 19:30:05 EST 2012


>Even if a box is sealed, wrapped, and covered in industrial strength nylon, that 
>still >doesn't mean that someone hasn't tampered with it (may that be a customer 
>or the >shop itself, or an employee, who knows).

You can say that again:


The salient bit:

"So I'm grilling this dilbert about how I could buy a sealed unit with parts 
missing, and he fesses up that not only do they [Fry's Electronics] have a 
shrink wrap machine, they have the nylon strapping machine." 

Back in the old days, ("old days" being code for when Fry's sole location was 
the one on Lakeside Drive) Fry's Electronics would at least *occasionally* slap 
a white "returned merchandise" sticker on a returned item they had stuck back on 
the shelf.  While I can't claim to have paid particularly close attention to 
Fry's policies and practices lately, the few scattered reports I've gotten seem 
to indicate that the game now is to treat returned merchandise exactly the same 
as new and simply stick it back on the shelf with no outward indication that the 
prospective purchaser is clutching a used item in their hands.  Sad.


James Fraser

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