[NTLK] Re. Handwriting recognition on the iPad

Tony Kan tonykan at xtra.co.nz
Sun Jan 22 17:51:07 EST 2012

Hi Joel

I quite agree.  Invariably my longer documents need better presentation than
plain text and so I email them through from my Newton to my PC for
reformatting and publishing in MS Word or PDF.  

I don't bother trying to do the formatting on the Newton as none of it
survives the emailing process.


Tony Kan

New Zealand

The Mac (or PC) is a far better place to assemble, expand and create
documents from my notes than the iPad (or the Newt). The finished document
can go back to the iPad as a PDF/Pages file.

This is what I understood about managing a device ecosystem; as soon as you
feel a little resistance, switch to the better device for the job. Dropbox
makes this a complete doddle with the right apps. and the round trip through
that other device is better and faster than soldiering on in the one device.
What a shame Newton connectivity never made this really fluid.

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