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I would suggest that anyone interested in the complicated issues of copyright laws, contacting authors of abandonware and so on research the NTLK archives from--IIRC--January to May 2010. (I'm doing a little guessing here, I haven't actually checked this.)

I seem to recall there was a discussion on who had been contacted, what results there were, etc. Of course, that was two years ago, much could have changed.

I thought we had beat the topic to death then...I guess I was wrong, though, as apparently it wasn't quite dead yet. 


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On Jun 29, 2012, at 11:44 PM, Sebastian Sparrer wrote:

> Now here's the big question: Who is going to work the the "Newton 
> complete" project? I see that William is already putting a lot of effort 
> into it, but is he the only one? My idea would be to find some more 
> contributors, and then try to find out the developer of the original 
> software and contact them for a statement or release. We could set up a 
> shared document in google docs where we track the software titles, the 
> details about the developer and the state of their commitment or response.

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