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Your Newton might have the malady described by Frank here, in this amusing story:



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On Jul 2, 2012, at 7:42 AM, James Rogers wrote:

> I am still new to Newton, and was running a bunch of handwriting and ink recognition tests last night. As I was wrapping up, I tapped the Extras icon, and the device froze. I had been getting a few Card errors just prior to this, and I was going to power down and remove it. 
> Nothing was responsive, so I did a soft reset. The Newton powered down, but was completely unresponsive. I took the 10MB and modem cards out, and then the device came up on another reset, but it is stuck on a reboot loop. I get the startup screen and tone (sometimes interrupted, sometimes all of the tone), but then the screen goes dark and I get the startup screen again. It does not stop. 
> I did also try a hard reset, and wiped the memory, but the Newton would still go into this loop when the memory is finished clearing. I attempted the reset where you put the pen on the left side of the screen, but I couldn't get the dialog to skip loading packages to come up. I just got the reboot loop. I tried this several times with no success. I now have the battery (AA battery clip) removed so I can try the power off reset. 
> Also of note, the Newton is completely unresponsive if I put either card in either slot. They were working just fine before, but something is definitely going on now. I got this Newton 5 days ago, and it has been working just fine. It had the memory wipe prompt when I first booted it up, but it came up normally after that. I have been using Energizer rechargeable batts, and they still seem to have plenty of charge. I have not used an AC Adapter. 
> Any help would be appreciated. 
> James Rogers
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