[NTLK] Newton Compact Flash - Battery Life, Alternative storage methods?

William Maloney william.maloney.09 at cnu.edu
Wed Jul 4 09:29:11 EDT 2012

Hey, running a SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash card running at 30MB/s and with a
total storage of 4GB. I bought this for $20 at Best Buy as an alternative
to my IBM MicroDrive with Guyot's ATA Driver. Unfortunately, the CF card is
almost as slow as the MicroDrive and takes up nearly as much battery. Is
there a way to reduce the amount of power this thing eats up? I don't think
the adapter plays much role, but it is also a stock "PC Card adapter for
IBM MicroDrives". Also, does anyone know of any other storage methods that
are efficient and quick to use? Standard flash cards are just too small and
like to be able to use one card if possible.

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