[NTLK] Card loading request

Chris Browder kcfoxie at gmail.com
Sat Jul 7 22:12:14 EDT 2012

My Fellow Newton users,

I've acquired a MessagePad 2000 that is in rough shape. After dismantling
and reassembling, I've gotten it to power up using an ebay purchased power
adapter. I'm working on rebuilding the battery pack using Frank Grundel's

However, I have no dongle. I don't even have a factory pen (and I'm missing
one of the back clips, my case is cracked, and the woes go on). However, I
would like to get this little guy up and running as an email machine on
wifi. I've purchased a compatible Orinoco card but I have a slight dilemma:
I have no way to connect the newton to any computer in the house.

Would someone be willing to take my 4MB card and load the necessary
packages to it so that my MP can be brought online?

I am more than happy to cover to and from postage. I am in NC, should
anyone else be in NC and have the necessary hardware to help me out
locally. I'd gladly take you to lunch.


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