[NTLK] eNtourage Pocket eDGe = possible Newton replacement?

Lloyd Conway doc_retro at juno.com
Sun Jul 8 11:32:31 EDT 2012

Greetings, All:
    Having just picked up an eNtourage Pocket eDGE (the goofy capitalization is from the manufacturer) off eBay, I wanted to ask the List if any had experience with it.  While nothing is likely to really be a full Newton replacement, this item appears to offer some potential:
1.)  It has dual screens, one, a 6",  for reading ebooks (ePub and .pdf formats) and writing with a stylus and one function ing as a 7" Android tablet.
2.) It has HWR and can convert notes to .pdf (but not, so far as I know, to text).
3.)  The reader/writer screen is low-gloss like the Newt''s
4.)  It has decent wifi capability, e-mail, and a browser
5.)  Just like the Newt, it's out of production.  They go for about $100-125 on eBay, unless you're like me and will take one with blemishes for less.
     After trying a Toshiba Portege tablet PC w/Ubuntu and finding it to be too big (though small for a laptop) and too limited (HWR no better than what Android offers), I decided to try this.  It's only a day since it arrived, but I wanted to share my experiences with the List, in case any are interested in a device that offers at least some of what we miss in a post-Newton world.
-Lloyd Conway
 Charlotte, Michigan
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