[NTLK] Getting rid of all Newton related items

James Rogers jhrogersii at gmail.com
Mon Jul 9 16:09:29 EDT 2012

Ok, I've only had my MP2000 and 2100 for a short time, but they have
frankly been nothing but trouble. One was DOA and had to be repaired, and
the 2100 worked for a couple of days, and is now stuck in a bootloop. I
asked around for help, but at this point, I am going to cut my losses and
dump these things. They are way too much trouble, especially since I am a
Windows user, and don't have any old Macs around to bootstrap or load

Here's what I have:
1. MP2000 with new screen and motherboard. Works great. Has a port and
screen cover. Also has the original pen.
2. MP2100 with the MAX1771 problem described
here.<http://www.pda-soft.de/en/stories/1771/max1771.html>Stuck in a
bootloop. Replacing the motherboard, or the MAX1771 if you have
one, should fix it. No covers or pen come with this unit.
3. 4MB Flash Card.
4. 28.8 Modem card
5. Keyboard bag and serial adapter. Unfortunately, the keyboard has several
non-functional keys.
6. A discharged rechargeable battery, for someone who wants to re-cell it.
7. An "official" Newton power supply
8. The famed AA battery adapter.
9. An extra MP2x00 chassis and screen. Lots of wear on these.

Make me a reasonable offer on any or all of these items before I have to go
to eBay with it. I just don't have the spare time and money these devices
seem to require. At this point, I need to cut my losses and move on.

James Rogers

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