[NTLK] Internet connection os1.x

Matej Horvat redjazz_slo at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 12 15:31:08 EDT 2012

> Hello,
> I have a Newton 120 with os1.x
> Also an apple fax modem for it, and a pc card modem too...
> An imac with os 9
> Can i have internet these days with os 1.x and those
> peripherals?
> Maybe just for send and recieve mails...

Not with a Macintosh, but maybe with a PC.

There's a web browser called PocketWeb (http://www.teco.edu/pocketweb/) that works on OS 1.3 (it doesn't seem to work on an MP110, but I know it works on an MP120). Version 1.9 is the last that works on 1.x; you can find an even older version on UNNA.

You can't connect directly to the internet because there's no TCP/IP stack for 1.x, but you can dial a computer that's connected to the internet if it's running a special program to send pages on to the Newton. I've made such a program for Windows, but it currently only works through a direct serial connection, so it's useless for practical purposes. Maybe I should finish and publish it some day?

I'm also writing a package to send and receive SMS messages on NOS 1.x through a GSM modem. Making a package for electronic mail through a PC shouldn't be hard, and I've thought about it several times. Some day...

Is there anyone who would like to help at such projects to work with a Macintosh instead?

Matej Horvat

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