[NTLK] Need pointers for adding Apply()/Perform()/PerformIfDefined()/etc. to NEWT/0

Matej Horvat redjazz_slo at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 27 10:38:23 EDT 2012

> Can I do something like the following (I've seen this for
> regular slot
> names, but not for message passing)?
>     someFrame:(methodName)();

The NewtonScript bytecode allows this, and I think it would look like

get-var methodName
find-var 'someFrame
send 0

but it seems that NTK doesn't like this syntax, so using Perform is the only way I'm aware of.

> Or, is there some way to programmatically convert a string
> to a
> symbol/constant in NewtonScript?


Matej Horvat

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