[NTLK] Newton Repair Question

John Royston jroyston at gmail.com
Tue May 1 21:47:51 EDT 2012

Thank You for the input.

I can report that you are absolutely correct that C150 change out did
no good at all I do get voltage to the + side of C153 and it reads
good. I did not find any thing else really that had power other than
the input terminals from the Battery.I did not bother to completely
remove the board as it was not going to be a simple fix and do not
really have the time to mess with it.

I am a Chief Electronics Technician on the ship here at work and I am
sure that my management would not look well on me using my entire ET
staff days and nights to fix my Newt. I have considered it but as you
stated I can get another board.How do I contact Stefan?

I said OEM I meant a proper Apple 9W power adapter. That is what I
have and it is putting out the correct voltage. I was not sure about
the 60HZ @ 220. I can say that I just got this particular Newton not
long ago off of EBAY and it came only with a AA battery tray so it is
possible that it has not been used on AC adapter for a long time. This
was one of the first times I had left it plugged in for any amount of
time. I would guess that it may have just been a problem that was
never realized by the previous owner. I still do not trust the power

You would not happen to know the load a newton normally draws on the
supply? If so I may give it to my ETs to power up under load and
monitor on scope for a few days until I feel comfortable with it

Thanks for the input.If you give me your address I can ship it to you
for parts if you still want such broken things as your site says?


John Royston
jroyston at gmail.com

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