[NTLK] Newton Repair Question

John Royston jroyston at gmail.com
Sat May 5 09:10:57 EDT 2012


I will send the newt and I have been working on ipods for a while an
have an arry of dead ipod and iphone hardware:

ipod Classic 60GB (No audio from main board)
Several IPOD nanos (One got wet other just quit)
Iphone 1st gen (Working but screen and case damage)
Various IPod parts from repairs made.
I also think I have an Iphone 3G that is 100% working I cant throw in
Send me a shipping address to  jroyston at gmail.com


> Thanks for the offer. Yes, I'm still looking for parts. But why not send it
> along with your Newton! I'm going to buy a couple of Stefan's untested
> mainboards anyway. There'll certainly be at least one among them that works.
> So unless you are in a big hurry (my to do list is somewhat long at the
> moment), I'm pretty sure I'd be able to fix your Newton at a reasonable
> price. Or maybe even for free, if you include some dead iPod or iPhone
> hardware. My
> learn-to-fix-these-beasts-because-you-might-no-longer-have-a-steady-job-soon
> -quest is in full swing :-)

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