[NTLK] The NTLK Newton Warehouse, EH?

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Mon May 7 21:44:44 EDT 2012

Cheers Stefan! I'm sure we all understand what a big job you have undertaken, but i guess a few got a bit worried hearing nothing for three last few weeks.

Thank you for responding and clearing up any issues :)

Kind regards


On 8/05/12 9:01 AM Stefan Thorsteinson wrote:


I'm sure most everyone here can attest to how much they despise how life can get in the way sometimes.

Grant, apologies for using the list in this manner. I need to broadcast a message to those waiting to hear from me.

I've been silent but not gone. I've just returned from an unexpected 3 week stint in the black hole of communication in rural Alberta. I arrived home to discover one of my children gained access to my PC and managed to delete my PST file. $40.00 dollars later and some serious blue air...I was able to restore it. Neither one will admit being the culprit for fear of my wrath. I guess they'll both feel it. Not to mention SHE WHO SHALL BE OBEYED because without her, they would not have gained access to the PC in the first place. Sheesh!

OK, so I'm back online and piecing things back together. Do NOT fear! I have everyone's requests. I just haven't been able to respond directly. If you received my broadcast email back in April I think I mentioned that everyone should be seeing what they are looking for. I have been able to do some sorting but there is still a fair amount to do. I'm looking forward to touching base with individuals over the next few weeks as I get things together. No one is jumping the queue and I'm not doing deals elsewhere. 

Again, my apologies to everyone. I will be in touch.

Stefan Thorsteinson

"If you know anything about Murphy's Laws; you know how much he enjoys working overtime."


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