[NTLK] MP2100 error message -- internal memory full??

Lord Groundhog lordgroundhog at gmail.com
Thu May 10 17:21:46 EDT 2012

If anyone can help with this I¹d be grateful.

I¹m away from home for an extended time due to an emergency.  The worse news
is that Newt has chosen NOW to have a problem.  I have a MP2100.

When I try to do something with Newt I get an error message telling me that
either my internal memory or mydata storage card is almost full.  It
shouldn¹t be the data card because there¹s still about 15MB free on it, but
the internal store shows only 152KB is still free.  I didn¹t see this

Let¹s see if I can give some useful preliminary information.

I can¹t find any sign of what is taking up all that space all of a sudden so
I don¹t know what to do about it.  I¹ve looked at all my soups and nothing
shows anything like enough to take up serious space.  When I add up the
numbers I don¹t get even quarter-way to the amount of space that¹s supposed
to be used up.  

I have no idea how to check what kind of space is used by applications but
this hasn¹t changed in the last few years so I don¹t know why it would
suddenly make a difference now.

I left home in a hurry:  not only didn¹t I back upbefore I left but I also
forgot to bring my Keyspan with me so I can¹t even back up now.  Considering
the amount of writing I did on the plane and in the last week all this makes
me nervous.  

It also doesn¹t help that all the details for this trip and my arrangements
are on Newt (where else?)

Diagnosis and suggestions and any other soothing words of wisdom and comfort
(including ³There, there, it¹ll be alright²) are most welcome!   Some way to
salvage the situation and my peace of mind until I return home also will be
gratefully received!




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