[NTLK] Just a little bit embarrassed...

Ed Kummel tech_ed at yahoo.com
Thu May 17 19:52:07 EDT 2012

OK...I'm a little ashamed that it took me this long to get my site back up.
A little explanation if you want...I run two ESXi servers at home. All my Newton stuff (web server, SQL server, Cold Fusion server) was sitting on one server. This ESXi server hosted other outward facing sites as well.
The other server hosts my internal stuff...SharePoint, another website, IP Cam repository, plus another SQL server (to host my SharePoint site). This server is configured for internal connections only. This, along with strong firewall rules and separate networks keeps the traffid separate. 

I figured that instead of building a new SQL on my external ESXi server, I'll just pop the database onto the SQL server on my internal ESXi server, make some security changes and all would be good...
Nope, no such luck.
I ran into so many problems due to my paranoid security techniques, it was darn-near impossible for me to get the internal SQL to see the external IIS server...
Needless to say, multiple firewall changes, host file updates and fiddling with static routes, and configuring my internal security password strength to match external security password strength (internal passwords were looser due to people inside the house not being all that computer savvy) I finally got the Cold Fusion DSN to connect to the new SQL database server...
The short version is that my site is now back up...
Some of you may be getting another email from me...the database I had to use is an older database and my updater notifier saw that new packages were uploaded so it sent out an email to people who asked to be informed of updates...this should be the only email you get...unless I add more packages..

Sorry for the delay.

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