jan feigus jfeigus at usa.net
Tue May 29 04:33:49 EDT 2012

 I apologize but last year sometime I posted a 
new 2100 for sale and was unable to follow 
through with this as I had a series of family 
issues to deal with...again my apologies.

I have a NEW 2100 still sealed in the plastic with the
red symbol sealing the bag...the box was opened only 
to verify that they had sent me a newton 2100 and not
a box of rocks...this was purchased through a university
I believe in Texas...quite awhile ago..

I did hear from a number of people on the list about this
and again offer my apologies for not getting back to you...

Please contact me at jfeigus @ usa.net    (jfeigus at usa.net)

I'd like to sell this as soon as possible...everthing that comes with
a new newton in the box is included...

I also have a 2100 that was carried around for awhile, in a leather 
fitted case, (which is still beautiful condition itself)...not really used 
other than for some notes and calendar sometimes,  IN LIKE NEW 
CONDITION...with keyboard....

Please contact jfeigus @ usa.net  (jfeigus at usa.net) if interested.

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