[NTLK] New Newton owner!

Mattias Ståhl stahl80 at gmail.com
Tue May 29 16:21:27 EDT 2012

Thought that I would introduce myself. 
My name is Mattias and i live in sweden. You could say that I'm a Apple vintage collector. Right now i own a Macbook pro, two iMac globes, G4 cube, TAM, Newton 2000, iMac DV SE Snow, iPod 40GB, iSight and maybe some other old Apple stuff :).

The Newton is new to my, never owend one before so I'm quite exited about it!!
Already read a lot about it online, and i guess i have some thing to learn.
And of course I have the same problem many new owners have, I don't own the Interconnect to serial dongel……

So no way for me to transfer and "apps" to it. Im not sure  what the best way to go about it would be.
1. Trying to fins a cable, trying that….
2. Find a IrDa compatible mac and might transfer that way. Not sure that works without any preloaded pkg on the newton.
3. Buy a memory cars/adapter to transfer pkg´s from a Mac to the card and then connect that to the newton, works?
4. Find someone who can lend a card with preloaded software, or load my card with software?

After i get a way to transfer software the next thing would be to buy a network card, WiFi/Ethernet?

Question, can one load software directly from internet to the newton when there is a working internet connection on it?

Well that´s it for now, exiting times :)

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