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~~~ On 2012/11/01 05:52, Aron Hsiao at leapdragon at gmail.com wrote ~~~

> Hi all,
> I hope this post doesn't rankle, but I'm in need of help.
> I was a dedicated Newton user from the late '90s through the early '00s
> and am now an iPhone 4/iPad 2 user.
> The problem is that I'm not satisfied with the software, despite being
> thrilled with the hardware.
> ...                    especially when I recall that I stopped using the
> Newton because I couldn't finish a backup any longer with NCU.
> But there must be others out there like me that see the Newton as a high
> point in early mobile tech and that finds that the Newton did some
> things really well that have yet to be duplicated today. So without
> further ado, I'm posting to ask whether anyone has:
> ...  

Hello Aron, 

We never knew each other -- I'm a late-comer to the Newton compared to you
-- but I second James' "welcome back".

I wonder if we're the best people to ask?  My guess is that you might get
more helpful answers from those who've *stopped* using their Newtons.  I'm
not sure how many of them still lurk here.  For example, you've perfectly
described why my lowly Newton is more important to me than my MacBook and
all my other computers and gadgets put together.  Essentially, the Newton
has made me able to work faster and more efficiently with less effort, and I
can use Newt in situations where my MacBook would be inappropriate.

I'll skip a description of all the Newton features that draw me back to my
MP2100s every time I consider an alternative, because you've already said

All hardware/software choices = compromise + deciding what I can live
without in order to have what I really need/want.  For me the Newton has
meant the fewest compromises and the least amount of living without
something I want.  I confess my Newtons and especially my carry-Newt
approach being love-objects but they've earned that status.  Compared to my
Newt, iPads and smart phones (as good as they are) feel like clever toys.  I
like toys, but I work better with Newton.  (AND I have fun with it in

>From what you've written, it sounds like you really need/want *not* to be
carrying around a Newton again.  Good luck, and I hope someone here has
better answers than I do.  Otherwise you just might end up "going green"
again. :-)



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            -- ref.:  Arthur C. Clarke

(With thanks to Chod Lang)

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