[NTLK] Credit where it is due (to Tony Kan)

Ken Ho ken59215 at live.com
Sun Nov 11 16:05:14 EST 2012

(Pardon me for getting this off my anal mind.)

In a recent "Questions from an apostate" thread, I mentioned:

Okay, Sonny (Hung), I'm your anonymous follower whom you inspired, if you recall our comment exchange on your blog. :-)

Although I've been a Newton user since the late 90's, I only recently came to this list ("Frank sent me."  :-)  ).  As assorted other posts came by with mentions of Sonny and Tony Kan, I started to suspect I had things wrong.

Tony Kan, I believe I am in fact *your* anonymous follower, but I had been confused because long ago I read your blog entry about Newton 2000 battery trays:


which has a photo with the subheading "Photo by Sonny Hung", and I mistakenly thought the whole blog was Sonny's.

We return you now to your regular program...

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