[NTLK] Samsung Note II w/stylus reviewed

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Mon Oct 8 03:29:58 EDT 2012

On 08.10.2012, at 08:40, Ed Kummel <tech_ed at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have, and have used the Samsung Note 1 now since may of 2012. Honestly? It's a great device. But it's no Newton replacement. Primarily, the handwriting is only an afterthought. The device is not designed around handwriting. As such, you are limited to writing recognizable text in a small predetermined area in a letter-by-letter fashion, similar to the way Grafitti was implemented. Honestly, I don't use the pen much...where as the Newton is a device I used for creating documents and schedules, the Note (and really, all smartphones) is nothing more than a consumption device. It grabs my schedule from gmail or Exchange, and it is a window to cloud services or copies of documents. I really don't use it to create anything other than pictures really....

Yes, I have to agree with Ed. I bought the Note 1 right after it came out because it is at first glance such a similar device. Still, whenever I pull it out of my pants pocket (it's too big to sit down with it) people ask me about the device. I the boast that it has a pen and claim that I need the larger surface and pen for drawing - but I don't. How am I going to explain that I bought the device for the one and only reason to run Einstein on it, which is still too slow to actually get any work done?

And as you say, I rarely *create* anything with the device, but I love it for reading EMails. The iPhone is simply too small for my eyes!

<rant type="random">
So for thirty years I have been staring at fugly screens in lowest low res. 320x200 CGA? Sure, I have been there. 40x24 characters on a B/W TV with my Sinclair? Oh yeah! I hated the resolution and the flickering. 

And now that my eyes get worse and worse and can barely read the funnies in the morning, what do they do? They invent the retina display. Great! I can;t see individual pixels on a *regular* screen. Why would I need four times the resolution? MMmmMmmGrummmbleMoan.


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