[NTLK] Plastdip Case?

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--- On Wed, 10/17/12, Woody Smith <woodysmith at me.com> wrote:

> Some years ago someone did a complete white paint job on a 2100.  I did a >quick search and couldn't find it but as I recall he documented the entire
> process.  It may have been called snow.
> Anyone have a link?  For history's sake.  

Is this the thread you had in mind?


The web pages are here:




Alas, only the first page has links to working photos.  I believe (but am not 100% certain) that Charles Mangin was the chap behind that particular project.

To be honest, Steven Frank's repainted MP120 project resonates with me the strongest.  The harrowing tale can be read here:


and the results can be viewed here:


I particularly like how his initial post describing the project is liberally sprinkled with caveats so that young and impressionable readers get an accurate picture as to what, exactly, is at stake. :)

The best bit:

>>[Someone asks] What kind of paint?

>Very bad spray paint that I bought in a convenience store for about $3.

>>what preparation of surface?

>None.  I wanted to lightly sand and use primer, but the universe 
>conspired against me getting these supplies in a timely manner, so I 
>just went ahead and did it the wrong way.

The "Got a few minutes?  Time for a hack job!"-approach is me all over (when I'm not careful to reign in such impulses, that is). :^)

(Actually, I don't think his results were all that bad, considering.)


James Fraser

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