[NTLK] [OT] Sandy threatens financial/economic Armageddon

Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Sat Oct 27 15:02:50 EDT 2012

Dear People,

A couple months ago a Weather Channel special demonstrated how 
vulnerable NYC is to a hurricane, virtually unprepared. Many parts of 
the city are only a few feet above sea level and there are 
essentially no sea walls nor levees. The last time a hurricane hit 
New York over a hundred years ago, Canal Street in Wall Street area 
was a sea lane running all the way across the island.

While I'm fervently praying the predicted disaster doesn't happen, 
I'm also praying everyone gets as prepared as possible TODAY for 
what's now way too likely financial Armageddon to ignore, an 
unprecedented, maximally catastrophic risk:

With the most accurate forecast model predicting maximum storm surge 
in NYC, flooding and wind are likely to wreak havoc, cripple if not 
shut down the US financial system, for up to months.

NYC's head of emergency preparedness was interviewed on Weather 
Channel special and flatly stated NYC is unprepared for significant 
hurricane surge, would result in infrastructure outages, including 
power, transportation, sewer, water, phones, internet, requiring 
weeks and months to recover.

Even strong tropical force winds will make wind tunnels between 
skyscrapers,  blowing out hundreds of thousands, even millions of 
windows; people themselves could then be blown or sucked out, 
especially of floor-to-ceiling windows. NYC could become a massive 
wind tunnel of flying sheets of glass and shards, pictures, lamps, 

Crucial parts of the subway system would be flooded, weeks to months 
to recover; Irene last year came within inches of flooding them with 
much less surge.

NYC's electric utility knows hundreds of underground power 
transformers and substations would flood, short out, with destroyed 
equipment needing replacement = many weeks to months to restore all 

Water supply and sewer would be flooded, at least weeks to fully recover.

While New Jersey actually hosts many of the stock exchanges' main 
computers, trading would be severely impacted if not halted for weeks 
or longer.

It could be months before most financial district offices could be 
back up and running.

Thousands of financial firms crippled would disrupt trading and 
access to managed funds.

Much commodity trading would also be crippled, threatening price 
stability of oil, natural gas, food, hence most necessities, and much 
to everything else.

The Federal Reserve's Wall Street branch conducts the Fed's open 
market operations, crucial to propping prices of Treasuries and other 

In short, if the worst forecast proves accurate again, the US 
financial system will be in disarray.

If so, by Monday or Tuesday afternoon latest the US dollar will be in 
free fall, financial markets in panic, interest rates soaring as 
bonds collapse...

There won't be a gold coin left in any store in this country, nor in 
many other countries.

Food will be flying off shelves all over the world.

Praying forecasts are wrong and NYC spared,


us$ Hospice:  usshospice.us

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