[NTLK] [OT] Sandy threatens financial/economic Armageddon

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Sun Oct 28 18:55:53 EDT 2012

~~~ On 2012/10/28 22:39, Grant Hutchinson at grant at splorp.com wrote ~~~

> On 2012-10-28, at 12:12 PM, Michael Rankin wrote:
>> Otherwise, I will unsubscribe as I'm sure others will also if it does not
>> stop.
> That would be unfortunate ... and quite frankly, mostly your loss. Part of the
> ongoing charm of the NewtonTalk list is the often hilariously off-topic nature
> of the off-topic posts. If the frequency (or density) of the off-topic posting
> becomes too prevalent, I promise to nip them firmly in the bud.
> Meanwhile, enjoy the list in all its quirky glory.
> g.

I'd like to second this if I may.  One of the things I like about this list
is that we manage to deal with one another as real people, including topics
of a more personal nature.  I've been on a number of lists in my time, but
I'm more likely to sit down and have coffee and a rap with the folks here
than with pretty much any other group of people I know only via the web.
For the most part (nobody's perfect) we achieve that by the second thing I
like about this list, when we go off-topic people really do try to remember
the "[OT]" tag in the Subject line.  I'm sure we can and should do better
but things can get a little imprecise where humans are involved.

Some years ago I was on a list where messages were blocked if listers
included anything that was the least bit off-topic (including references to
local weather and in one case, a suggestion that some of the listers might
get together at an upcoming computer trade show).

I must admit, seeing that extreme made me lean towards our occasional errors
in the direction of our -- "quirky glory".  And of course we have List-Dad
to whip us back into line if we get too carried away.  ;-)

Michael, I'd be sorry to see you or anyone leave the list because of this.
I quite understand that some people can't afford to waste time on OT
subjects.  I also value our ability to be more than anonymous data-source
points.  Let's find the line and walk it?



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