[NTLK] [OT] Sandy threatens financial/economic Armageddon

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Mon Oct 29 07:12:24 EDT 2012

~~~ On 2012/10/29 05:51, Forrest at newtonphoenix at mindspring.com wrote ~~~

> Sonny Hung? It hasn't been five years, I don't think, since I've last seen his
> "God Bless, The Hung Family" signatured emails...maybe, a year or so?

Ah, Sonny.  He was one of our bright sparks wasn't he?  I used to promise
myself that if I ever got back to NYC I'd look him up but that seems less
likely now.  I saw him selling off some things but it didn't register that
he was divesting himself of all things Newtonian.  See, now that's what can
happen when you're not paying attention -- you miss things.

But Forrest, did you really call me "...the Imperial Marsupial"?  REALLY?
I'm shocked.  I thought everyone knew that groundhogs are squirrels, ground
squirrels.  For future reference, we are of the lineage Mammalia Rodentia
Sciuridae Marmota.  We are Marmota monax.

Now, I mean no offence to any marsupials living or dead.  They're good and
honourable enough in their way.  But even the noble and now extinct
marsupial lion was not to be compared to the least of my family.

As for James' message, I am substantial agreement although I would note that
the lack of salesmanship on the part of the spammer (assuming one last time
that it was one) could mean that said hypothetical spammer was one of the
pre-Mayan-Apocalyptic variety.  I've had a number of these dire warnings
since the start of 2012.  But all this really is just speculation.

One more thing: since this thread started, I observe that pretty much
everyone in or around the NYC area and elsewhere are now agreed that Sandy
is going to do Very Bad Things to the City and anywhere else it approaches.
So, although expectations of the financial collapse of civilization may be a
bit over the top, the severity expected from the storm is real enough.  Yet
another reason to wish for us to be charitable in our disagreements, eh?



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