[NTLK] [OT] Sandy threatens financial/economic Armageddon

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Mon Oct 29 13:29:20 EDT 2012

~~~ On 2012/10/29 17:59, Forrest at newtonphoenix at mindspring.com wrote ~~~

> Why, yes I did. Actually, that's the second time...about a year ago, if I
> recall, I responded to a NewtonTalk message of yours right here with those
> same words. My apologies for the error--TWICE!
> What's interesting is--I can recall that bit of info, but not that you ARE in
> fact from the rodent family, and not at all a marsupial.
> Which is to mean no offense to marsupials at all. Why, some of my best friends
> are marsupials! A marsupial once dated my sister!

Yes, I believe you did.  But my feelings aren't hurt.  **sniff**  Not a bit.
**sniff, sniff**  I only mind because all my fellow-rodents take it so
badly.   They feel unloved and over-looked, you see.  I try to explain to
them, but it doesn't help.  They go around glum and weeping for days after
such things are said about them.

Yes, some of my best friends are marsupials too, and I'd even let them live
next door AND date my sister -- if I had a sister.  But all the same I'm not
a marsupial.  



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