[NTLK] [OT] 'One More Thing'

Forrest newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Tue Oct 30 12:05:05 EDT 2012

That is amongst some of the best musical score I've ever heard for an ad...very moving.

As I don't sh*t about yachts--or boats in general for that matter--I would have appreciated a better look at it, perhaps inside? Apart from the sheer elegance of its design, what does it have that other yachts do not?

Thanks for sharing it.


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On Oct 30, 2012, at 8:35 AM, Dennis Swaney <romad at aol.com> wrote:

> If you keep getting a 503 temporary outage message, just go to
> http://www.onemorething.nl and scroll down to the video.

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