[NTLK] Help: Lost My Sandisk Extension

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Aug 7 17:47:16 EDT 2013


I guess that (since I live in Germany) Woody will be able to help you faster
than I could, but just in case this doesn't work out: I guess I could send
you Paul's ATA driver on a memory card. That way you wouldn't have to send
your data to me first. Once you have installed the driver on the card or in
the internal memory, you could either keep the card for a fairly reasonably
price or simply send in back. In the latter case all I'd ask is that you
reimburse me for the stamps :-)

If storing Paul's driver on a card and then filing it onto another card or
in the Newton's internal memory wouldn't work, I'd ask list members to chime
in here.



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