[NTLK] G5 > Ubuntu > VirtualBox > OSX? (was: Need a 'new' desktop)

iSpinn ispinn at gmail.com
Fri Aug 9 12:13:37 EDT 2013

I've had plenty of success extending the G5 PPC line,
finding its hacked software others have put together
to keep it running, and even dual booting it into both
OSX and Ubuntu – there's an Ubuntu PowerPC fork
for that that's available. Lots of new landscape there,
and well worth the time investment.

I just had an interesting thought -- what about a G5
PPC running Ubuntu running Oracle's VirtualBox
running OSX? I suggest that because although it's a
hefty surcharge in CPU cycles to get OSX running
that way, could its software underpinnings provide
the flash support that the G5 lacks? Unfortunately
I can't say and I don't have my G5 hardware here
to test it.



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It's actually quite possible to get the latest Flash hacked onto a PPC Mac,
or so I've seen. And I just tweaked TenFourFox to use plugins on my PB G4,
and Flash worked as well as can be expected.


Well, my first Mac was a G3, then I got a G4, so I guess it only made sense
to get a G5, right? :D

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