[NTLK] [FS] - MessagePad 120 and MessagePad 2000

ident-temp1 at usa.net ident-temp1 at usa.net
Fri Aug 9 17:36:14 EDT 2013

MessagePad 120 with Newton OS 2.0. Still has the "Concept Kitchen" screen
protector on. Has a Tenba case and one of those neato looking green "flat"
stylus  (as well as the original round in-the-Newton-case stylus).

MessagePad 2000. Also with the "Concept Kitchen" screen protector.  Keyboard
and the AppleTalk adapter in a Newton logo'd ballistic nylon style case.

Please contact me off list and I will share pictures and pedigree (nope, these
aren't from "dumpster diving" ...)

ident-temp1 at usa.net

K. Smith

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