[NTLK] Happy birthday, Newton

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu Aug 15 18:29:22 EDT 2013

>> So how can we non-coders help with this? It's really exciting.

> Thanks for asking! There are non-code resources that will need to 
> be recreated without copyright, for example images. As soon as I 
> have a list of images and a way to give access, I will let the
> list know.

Another helpful and not-too-difficult activity would be contributing to
localization. We cannot (yet) localize the Newton OS, but we can (and have
started to) localize the Android User Interface used for Einstein. It is
currently available in German and English, but more languages would be cool.
If you feel fluent enough in any other language, let me know, and I will
send you a handful of short texts to translate. Be aware, though, that
Einstein's Android User Interface is far from complete, so time and again
we'll ask you for further translations. However, given the current
development speed in that area, this will happen but every couple of months


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