[NTLK] Happy birthday, Newton

Raúl Montón Pinillos raul_m_p at me.com
Thu Aug 15 18:36:52 EDT 2013

Count me in for non-code activities. I speak spanish as my main language, so maybe I could help there. Also, although I’m not a graphic designer, I think I could help with the images too.

El 16/08/2013, a las 00:29, Frank Gruendel <newtontalk at pda-soft.de> escribió:

>>> So how can we non-coders help with this? It's really exciting.
>> Thanks for asking! There are non-code resources that will need to 
>> be recreated without copyright, for example images. As soon as I 
>> have a list of images and a way to give access, I will let the
>> list know.
> Another helpful and not-too-difficult activity would be contributing to
> localization. We cannot (yet) localize the Newton OS, but we can (and have
> started to) localize the Android User Interface used for Einstein. It is
> currently available in German and English, but more languages would be cool.
> If you feel fluent enough in any other language, let me know, and I will
> send you a handful of short texts to translate. Be aware, though, that
> Einstein's Android User Interface is far from complete, so time and again
> we'll ask you for further translations. However, given the current
> development speed in that area, this will happen but every couple of months
> ;-)
> Frank
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