[NTLK] Rehabilitating a beat-up 2000U

Aaron Brigati abrigati at gmail.com
Sun Aug 25 07:31:55 EDT 2013

My 2000U has seen better days. The backlight's really dim, the interconnect port door won't stay closed, and perhaps most annoyingly, the little sliver of plastic right next to the latch that the screen door hooks into to stay closed broke off.

I'd just consider getting another 2000U/2100 to replace it, but I have software that's registered to the serial number of this Newt.

Is it worth tracking down a new backlight and a replacement front case? Would I be better off just getting a working one in good shape and replacing the board with the ROM in it, to transfer the serial?

Does anyone perhaps have a 2000 that's cosmetically nice but doesn't work I could scrounge the casework from?

Are the replacement backlights from backlight4you.com the best ones around, if I want to keep the original green look?

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