[NTLK] Rehabilitating a beat-up 2000U

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Sun Aug 25 17:49:45 EDT 2013

> Is it worth tracking down a new backlight and a replacement front case?

There's no need to track it down. The only supplier left out there is
backlight4you. They charged EUR 29 plus shipping last time I looked. A
replacement front case shouldn't be too difficult to find. If I were to
replace your backlight, I could replace the front case, too.

> Would I be better off just getting a working one in good shape and
replacing the board with the ROM in it, to transfer the serial?

This might be the better option since you could probably do this yourself.
Instructions are in the hardware section of my site.

Just for the record: To transfer the serial number, you need to transfer the
mainboard, not the ROM board. This number is on a chip on the mainboard, not
in the ROM.

> Does anyone perhaps have a 2000 that's cosmetically nice but doesn't work
I could scrounge the casework from?

I could provide you with the casework minus the dead 2000...

> Are the replacement backlights from backlight4you.com the best ones
> if I want to keep the original green look?

Yes and no. They can't be the best ones since there's no other brand left



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